Dear TWINO Friends and Partners,

As we conclude an eventful year, I want to express my gratitude and reflect on what we have achieved together this year. The end of 2023 also marks my first year as CEO at TWINO, and what a ride it’s been! I’m pleased to share some key highlights from 2023, a year that has been both challenging and rewarding, and take a glimpse into 2024.

Throughout 2023 we kept our focus on growth and development. We’ve tackled new projects, navigated market changes, and continued to innovate. Our growth in both scope and scale is a direct result of our team’s hard work and your continued support.

2023 milestones

2023 in numbers

We are happy to see that throughout the year there has been a consistent positive growth tendency indicating that all the efforts and directions have been chosen thoughtfully and have positively impacted our business.

Strategic milestones

Our focus on innovation and improving the overall investor experience led to the successful launch of Rentals (real estate securities) – investments in short-term rental properties, enabling our investors to diversify their investment portfolios with equity-based securities. This new product has been performing remarkably well, gathering positive feedback and high engagement from our community, who appreciate the unique opportunity it offers to access the real estate market with ease and flexibility.

Additionally, this year TWINO was recognized as one of the world’s top fintech companies by CNBC and Statista, affirming TWINO’s global impact and industry leadership. We also participated in the development of the “Fintech Pulse of Latvia 2023” digital magazine prepared by the Fintech Latvia Association, assuring both local and international involvement in the fintech industry growth and development.

Global expansion

We broadened our geographical reach and diversified the platform’s Loan product offering with VAMO Philippines loan securities, thereby creating a solid and attractive offering across three countries – Poland, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This provides investors variety of investment options with different interest rates and terms tailored to meet different financial goals.

We also secured passporting approval in 11 countries fostering TWINO’s reach and further influence in international markets.

Additionally, the successful recovery of 32% of the initially affected Russian loans showcased our commitment to prudent risk management and operational compliance.

Team effort

I’d like to acknowledge the incredible work and dedication of the TWINO team this past year. It’s their hard work and commitment that have driven our progress. I’m particularly proud of our team’s adaptiveness responding to change with agility and creativity, ensuring we stay on track toward our goals which is not just a trait but has always been a core part of TWINO’s DNA.

At the end of 2023, we strengthened our management team by welcoming Pēteris Bodnieks as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His background includes key managerial roles at renowned companies like Lattelecom, Finko, and Funderly, bringing over 17 years of extensive industry experience. Peteris joining marks an important step toward strengthening our technological capabilities and bringing fresh insights to our tech strategies.

Additionally, we’ve dedicated considerable effort to enhancing our risk management and operational compliance. Through several internal and external audits, we have elevated our corporate governance standards, which has led to improved efficiency and even higher diligence in our business practices.

2024 – looking ahead

In 2024, our agenda is set on further advancing and expanding our reach.

Product development. Our ongoing commitment revolves around consistently improving the investor experience on our platform. We are looking forward to refining the auto-invest functionality and creating a more sophisticated yet user-friendly interface.

We are also actively exploring options to expand our product range, aiming to provide you with more diverse investment opportunities. This includes introducing new loan securities in additional countries by expanding TWINO Group’s presence in new markets; expanding our rental projects portfolio; and introducing other types of financial instruments.

Growing the community. Our focus is set on expanding our investor community by creating a more interactive and engaging environment for our investors. This approach is not just about increasing our community in numbers, but also about deepening the connections and starting new collaborations, ensuring a dynamic, informed, and empowering space for both new and experienced members of the TWINO investor community.

I am excited about the potential for TWINO’s growth and the positive impact we can make in the fintech industry locally and internationally. Your ongoing support has been crucial in our success, and I look forward to another year of shared accomplishments!

Thank you for an extraordinary 2023!

Alternative Text

Helvijs Henselis

CEO of TWINO Investments

Responsible for the growth, strategic execution, and operational management of the company.

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