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  • TWINO Investments (TWINO) introduces equity-based securities offering investment opportunities in short-term rental properties (Real Estate Securities)
  • New offering enables private investors to indirectly purchase real estate and profit from its rental income and appreciation over time
  • First offering is already live on TWINO platform with a minimum investment of 100 euros

TWINO expands its product offering by introducing equity-based Real Estate Securities – a new investment product that provides an opportunity to invest in income-generating short-term rental properties. Investment in rental property is an investment in real estate that is being rented out and generates returns from the rental income, as well as the price appreciation of the property itself over the long term.

TWINO is the first company in Latvia that offer this type of investment.

The innovation in investment tools is opening more opportunities for investors from all socioeconomic backgrounds to invest in asset classes that were previously available to few and were considered niche. Our new product provides the benefits of rental apartment ownership without the high capital requirements, time commitment, and challenges associated with real estate acquisition and management that have traditionally been a barrier to this type of investment from an investor perspective”, says Helvijs Henšelis, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board of TWINO.

With a minimum investment amount of 100 euros, the new product offers private investors the opportunity to quickly and easily purchase preference shares in TWINO’s subsidiary, established to purchase a specific real estate. In this way, investors indirectly purchase real estate, acquiring the right to benefit from rental income and real estate appreciation over time. TWINO handles all aspects of property acquisition, rental, and management, allowing investors to enjoy a truly passive investment experience.

While such investments are relatively new across Europe, they are becoming an attractive asset class for investors and a growing part of alternative investments. The main difference between our product and real estate investment products already on the market is that the investor does not lend money for the development of a property (debt investment) but acquires ownership rights to the specific asset (equity investment). As with company shares issued on the stock exchange, profit is made in the form of dividends, not interest payments”, explains Helvijs Henšelis.

The first Real Estate Securities will offer investments in short-term rental apartments in two new residential projects in Riga – the upscale riverside project ‘Hoffman Rezidence’ in Klīversala, where exclusive apartments with stunning views of the river Daugava and Old Riga are already available for rent, and the largest new residential project in the city center – ‘Dainas’. Apartments for rent can be booked on short-term rental platforms and

The properties are fully equipped with all necessary amenities and designated furniture of the highest standards and quality providing a top-notch experience for the guests.

Real Estate Securities offer a relatively conservative, open-end investment opportunity that delivers consistent returns over the long term. The expected average return is 6-8% p.a., but depending on the exact property in a positive market environment even up to 10% p.a. In addition, a 5% Cashback bonus is offered for the first projects available on the platform, making the total return very attractive for investments for such asset class.

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