We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of TWINO Group lending operations into the Philippines, in a continued partnership with VIA SMS Group under the VAMO brand. Thus, VAMO Philippines securities are now available for investments on TWINO platform allowing you to further diversify your investments with asset-backed securities based on business loans issued to Vamo Lending Inc. – a consumer lending company operating in the Philippines since 2020 under the brand name VAMO. 

TWINO’s lending experience in the Asia-Pacific market has provided the company with great insights into the unique business dynamics and consumer preferences of the region. Therefore, TWINO is ready to join efforts to further strengthen and grow VAMO Philippines operations. 

The Philippines, known for its robust economy and fast-growing digital landscape, presents immense business opportunities. With a population of over 100 million, a steadily increasing middle class, and a tech-savvy young generation, it is a very attractive market to different financial technology companies. Moreover, its strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia makes it a great place for operations, linking TWINO to other pivotal markets in the vicinity.

Key characteristics of the new investment offering:

  • Country: The Philippines 
  • Interest rate: 8 – 14% p.a. 
  • Term: 3 – 36 months 

Don’t miss out on a chance to expand your investments to this new market and make sure you have selected the Philippines in your Auto-Invest portfolios country filter. 

TWINO has been successfully collaborating with VIA SMS Group since 2019, when lending operations in Vietnam were launched which was the first joint project of the two companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Since the launch, the business has experienced consistent growth, with an impressive 50% Year on Year (YoY) surge in 2023, after maintaining steady performance throughout 2021 and 2022. 

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