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Real Estate Securities offering. A new 2-room rental apartment in Hoffmann Rezidence, Riga, Latvia is currently available for investment. As previously communicated, the funding for the apartment is raised in four batches, each having a 30-day subscription period. The first batch is already fully funded and the corresponding securities are issued. The second batch is now open for investment on our platform. For detailed information on the asset, click here.

For Latvian readers, TWINO CEO Helvijs Henšelis recently spoke with Delfi Bizness Latvia, discussing our RE Securities product. Read the interview here.

Loan Securities offering. Our platform currently features a diverse offering of Loan Securities – browse the primary market to view the available investment opportunities: 

  • Poland: loan securities with interest rate 10-12% for a remaining term 10-12 months 
  • Vietnam: loan securities with interest rate 10-12% for a remaining term 11-12 months 
  • The Philippines: loan securities with interest rate 12% for a term 12 months 

Fintech Pulse Latvia 2023. Earlier this week, Latvia Fintech Forum 2023 took place gathering fintech companies and policymakers from Latvia and across Europe for open discussions and collaboration on industry advancements and challenges. 

During the event, “Fintech Pulse Latvia 2023”, a comprehensive industry report was presented by Fintech Latvia Association providing a detailed overview of the Latvian fintech landscape, covering the latest market data, regulatory frameworks, infrastructure developments, and emerging trends. As proud partners of Fintech Latvia Association and contributors to this report, we’re pleased to share it with you for in-depth insights: https://fla.lv/pulse2023/ 

Latvia’s supportive and tech-savvy fintech ecosystem has been essential to TWINO’s growth from a local startup to a global fintech player. Our ongoing collaboration with the regulator underlines a cooperative and adaptive regulatory framework combining transparency, consumer protection, and innovation. We remain committed to working together with other industry players and the Bank of Latvia to make further improvements and adopt best practices to foster growth and more opportunities”,

shares Helvijs Henšelis, CEO of TWINO Investments.

Update on Russian loans. Here’s the latest update of war-affected loans:

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