We’re back with an update on the latest performance of our platform and to fill you in on what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Please see the key figures of the previous month below:

Investment offering. We are pleased to report that the primary market offering is expanding consistently as new securities are being listed almost every day. We suggest you take a close look at the available listings on our platform and explore the investment opportunities to grow your investment portfolio and enhance your returns.

Since the beginning of 2023, we have already listed almost EUR 16 million worth of securities backed by business loans issued to our Loan Originators in Poland and Vietnam.

Finfellas Riga 2023 conference. We’re excited to partner with Finfellas for the upcoming Finfellas Riga 2023 conference – the biggest industry-focused event in the Baltics. This two-day event is taking place on June 1-2, 2023, and will bring together finance professionals and investors from 30+ countries for knowledge sharing, discussions, and networking.

The conference will cover the latest trends and innovations of fintech, peer-to-peer lending, real estate lending, regulation, and other related topics. TWINO CEO Helvijs Henšelis will take the stage to share our insights, and we are looking forward to engaging with other industry experts and investors.

Grab your pass now and see you at the event: https://www.finfellas.com/down-to-earth

We are offering 50% off event tickets for the first 30 subscribers using the code twino-finfellas-50. If you’re not one of them, use our unlimited 10% discount code: twino-finfellas-10.

Venue: Hanzas Perons, Riga, Latvia

Afterparty: Digital Art House, Riga, Latvia

Financial statement of 2022. TWINO’s audited annual report for the financial year 2022 has been published on our website.  Key insights highlight our strong growth in the past year. Despite the ongoing global challenges faced in 2022, our bottom line grew significantly, and we closed the year with a net profit of EUR 178 488. Our balance sheet remains strong with healthy cash reserves, that allow us to fuel the future growth of the company.

Tax identification number. We remind you of the importance of keeping your tax information up to date. Please head to the section “Tax Details” on the TWINO platform and ensure that your information is accurately and completely filled in.

Update on Russian loans. Please see the latest summary of war-affected loans below:

As of today, over €1.4 million of war-affected loans have already been repaid. Meanwhile, you continue to receive interest on the full outstanding principal amount.

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