Another week, another TWINO status update. We are continuously working to make our processes even more efficient and even thinking of new business initiatives. To hear more on this topic do not miss our (but 1st online) FinTech Talks by TWINO already next week, which among others will be joined by TWINO founder Armands Broks. The event will be held online, is free of charge and you can register here, thus do not miss out on it.

TWINO Group’s activities:

  • I hope that all of you have enjoyed our increased returns since March and we will keep them as high as they are with the front runner being Russian loans that are offered with stunning 14% p.a.! The average interest rate for all loans listed during the last month is around 13% p.a. Here is a summary of our current interest rates for May:
    • Polish loans: 12% p.a.;
    • Russian loans: 14% p.a., and with Currency Exposure 16% p.a.;
    • Latvian loans: 10% p.a.;
    • Kazakh loans: 12% p.a., and with Currency Exposure 14% p.a.
  • 1st TWINO Ventures project is already fully funded! Thanks for showing your support and interest which is much appreciated. That gives us the confidence that we are moving in the right direction. Next phase of this project will be available soon and in addition to that another real estate Venture – stay tuned;
  • To help in fighting Covid-19 pandemic, a social project is coming to TWINO already next week! You will have the opportunity to support Childrens Clinical University Hospital in Riga that needs to implement a new system for remote health consultation service. For each euro donated by you, TWINO will contribute additional 1 euro;
  • We will be hosting our 1st online FinTech Talks by TWINO – Tech Revolution: Covid-19 on May 7th. Current pandemic is showing us how we have wasted emerging technology so far. Technology has now more than ever, become critical infrastructure, essential to the functioning of our society and economy. By the way, we have partnered up with Expansion Capital and an interesting announcement will be shared during the event. You can register here;
  • Today is a public holiday, Labour Day, in Latvia, which means that we are working in a limited capacity. Furthermore, 4th of May is also a holiday as we have one of the most important days for all Latvians – Day of the Restoration of Latvian Independence! Therefore, our customer support will be not available on 01.05.2020 & 04.05.2020 and it will be not possible to process your payments due to banking holidays.

In case of any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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Roberts Lasovskis

Investment Platform Lead

Roberts is responsible for leading the growth, strategic development and innovation pipeline of TWINO P2P investment platform. Prior becoming the platform lead, Roberts worked in TWINO as Investor Adviser, closely communicating with our investors and working on strategic development.

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