Given the global situation, going forward, we will be reporting more frequently on TWINO’s plans to mitigate the potential impact of sanctions on the company’s operations and investors’ interests, which remain our top priority.

TWINO Investment Platform Action Plan

  • An action plan is being developed to increase the investment opportunities in loans from European and Asian operations, as well as in real estate loans, by offering new real estate projects and geographies for investment. Largest markets by investor portfolio remain Latvia, which is followed by Poland.
  • In order to protect TWINO investors from taking on increased risks, a decision has already been made to significantly reduce the amount of loans with the currency exposure functionality being listed. Given the currency market volatility observed in recent days, we urge you to carefully evaluate your decision to invest in loans with the currency exposure functionality. Investors are also encouraged to check the settings of the existing Auto-Invest portfolios to ensure that they are in line with your chosen investment strategy.
  • Please note that all uninvested funds of TWINO investors are kept in separate bank accounts in Latvian commercial banks, similarly as TWINO’s operational bank accounts.
  • Our Change Management Team continues to monitor the market situation around the clock, with a focus on being in the best situation to ensure liquidity and financial stability for our investors.
  • The Russian lender continues to tighten risk policy conditions to further improve the quality of its loan portfolio, already no loans are being given to any new customers. Work is also continuing on attracting alternative sources of funding. Currently, the commercial banks of this loan originator are not included in the list of those mentioned in the context of the SWIFT cut-off. We will be able to comment in more detail on this issue once the full extent of the impact of the sanctions is known.
  • We have requested the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) to provide a detailed explanation of the impact of the sanctions on the company’s operations, including the issue of cross-border settlements.

Our support activities

  • We have teamed up with fintech companies and other powerful Latvian businesses to financially support Ukraine. We invite you to take part in our donation campaign to raise at least EUR 5 million in the shortest possible time.


Public Organisation: Riga TechGirls
Reg. No.: LV40008250980
Bank account: LV32UNLA0050024322055,
Purpose of the Donation: Ziedojums UznemejiMieram
#AtbalstiUkrainu #StandWithUkraine #UznemejiMieram

  • We are open for work opportunities for Ukrainian people and are offering material support to our employees that are opening their homes to receive Ukrainian refugees.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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