TWINO has taken the next step in securing an Investment brokerage license. Company’s sole shareholder Armands Broks has decided to reorganize SIA TWINO – in the form of separating the investment platform’s assets. As a result of the reorganization process, the current Investment Platform will become a separate entity. The reorganization is one of the necessary steps to secure an Investment Brokerage Licence.

As a result of the reorganization process, the legal enterprise which will be taking over the work of the TWINO Investment Platform (assets, liabilities, rights and obligations) will be AS TWINO Investments. After the receipt of the license, AS TWINO Investments will be a licensed company and will be under the supervision of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) in Latvia.

The leading employees of the Investment Platform will also move to the new legal entity. The Chairperson of the Board of the new company will be Roberts Lasovskis, under whose leadership the TWINO Investment Platform has become a leading player in the field in continental Europe. Other members of the company board will include Anastasija Oleinika, Chairperson of the Board of TWINO Group, Nauris Bloks who is TWINO Group’s IT & Technology Lead, Aiga Krigere, TWINO Group Legal & Compliance Lead, and Linards Anisimovs, who manages the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing (AML) field at the Group level, having extensive experience in monitoring this process in the financial sector.

Securing an investment brokerage company license is the main priority of TWINO Investment Platform for the year 2020. “We are continuing the preparatory work to obtain an investment brokerage company license, and among other things, have already been actively collaborating with FCMC for several months. The reorganization of TWINO by separating the Investment Platform to a new legal entity is one of the steps to legally prepare for the receipt of the license”, indicates the Chairperson of the Board of AS TWINO Investments Roberts Lasovskis.

Since the creation of the TWINO Investment Platform in 2015, investments to the amount of more than 690 million euros from more than 20,000 investors have already been attracted via the platform.

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