You know a great year when you’ve had one.

Hands down, we didn’t need to look hard to identify 2021’s successful projects and milestones. For us, this was a prosperous year in so many ways that we’re taking it as a sign that we’re on the right track – and headed in the right direction.

For this, we have you – our team, friends, users, investors, and followers – to thank. We promise to express our gratitude by doing even bigger and better things next year.

But now, let’s look at TWINO’s results, numbers, news, and breakthroughs from the last 12 months.

2021 – the year of the IBF license

Our preparations for acquiring the Investment Brokerage Firm (IBF) license started way back in 2020, but our efforts stretched well into 2021. Finally, the big day came in August, and TWINO officially became a regulated marketplace.

The IBF license enables us to protect our users with more robust investor protection mechanisms and even higher security measures. It also opened doors to several new products and financial instruments, for example, as we transform our old way of financing loans to financial instruments a completely new type of asset class for European retail investors is created.

Obtaining a license required tireless work on our team’s behalf, across all departments, and we are all very proud and happy that it was accomplished.

Values relaunch and other major milestones

Our focus on the IBF license didn’t stop us from reaching other milestones, setting records, and growing our team. From an unprecedented investor portfolio value to a record-high amount of loans financed on the TWINO platform, we were on fire.

When it comes to new features, we didn’t stay idle either. Our Latvian loan originator launched a credit line, and the TWINO platform started offering investments in loans from our lending operations in Vietnam.

We also made changes to the secondary market by introducing a markup & discount functionality in the platform. Moreover, among other things, we introduced the investor suitability & appropriateness assessment process that was one of the pre-requisites as we transitioned in the regulated environment.

On the legal side, we reorganized TWINO’s structure by separating the investment platform’s operations under a new legal entity called TWINO Investments. We also redefined our guiding company values and redesigned TWINO’s visual identity, including our website:

Let’s talk numbers

We love numbers, so we’ve summed up this year’s success in some quick figures.

👩‍💻 25k active investors

🎯 €40m investor portfolio for the first time ever (invested + uninvested)

🍪 €900m worth of loans financed on the TWINO platform… meaning that €1 billion is coming soon

💸 €15m+ paid in interest to investors since the platform’s inception️️

Our team, too, grew by 76 – and we’re planning to keep growing at an even greater rate next year.

Warming up for 2022

2021 was not only a year of achieved milestones and positive changes but also of stability for our operations. With this, we feel we’re on a good launchpad for continuing our growth in 2022.

Some of our plans for 2022:

🚀 TWINO Trading launch – our investment offering will grow & you will have more opportunities to pick from different asset classes than ever

💳 Cards and credit line launch in Poland

🇮🇳 Lending operation launch in India

✔️ Full transition to IBF operations (introduction of our Securities)

⭐ Scaling the team and further improving employee benefits, and growth opportunities

Our biggest pride is the ability to grow and adapt to each other and the situation in the world. With every turn of the calendar’s page, we become stronger, better, and more united. Stay tuned to TWINO in 2022 – we promise we won’t disappoint!

Anastasija Oleinika


As TWINO Group Chief Executive Officer Anastasija drives overall success of the business and increasing shareholder value through execution of the strategy. Before her role as CEO of TWINO Group, Anastasija was Group CFO for three years as well as Group COO for a year.

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