Twelve years ago, when I started TWINO, we were a team of five enthusiasts with a mission to make affordable loans available to everyone. All we had was a little experience, loads of ambition, and an excel sheet to help us track the issued loans.

Today we’re a FinTech industry trendsetter with operations in Latvia, Poland, Russia, Vietnam, and many other countries in the pipeline. We are the No. 3 investment platform in Europe with more than a billion euros in issued loans and 400+ people on our team. We have way more experience than we had a decade ago, and still loads of ambition.

This year, we’ve reached a very important milestone. After several years of preparations and hard work on improving our compliance, we’ve become a licensed investment brokerage company and received the license from Latvia’s Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC). This is a huge step for all 400 of us at TWINO and for 50 thousand registered TWINO investors across Europe.

With the license “in our pocket”, we’ll be able to better protect our users with bulletproof AML procedures and even higher security measures, strengthening our credibility and reputation in the eyes of investors. Finally, the brokerage license after the transition period allows us to offer additional financial instruments on our platform, thus offering greater value to our investors.

What’s next?

In addition to continuously improving our services and making our operations more transparent, we’ll also continue to focus on acquiring licenses also in other countries. For example, we are on our way to acquiring a payment institution’s license in Poland (with Latvia in the pipeline). Our ultimate goal is to transform into a new-age bank and ring the Nasdaq bell in New York’s Times Square.

Our new license will allow us in the first part of 2022 to further extend our investment operations and expand our investment product offering. The investment trend is on the rise, and TWINO is riding the wave of diversified and ethical investment types, as well as retail trading.

Meanwhile, we do not plan on stopping to rock also in the lending world. There are still 1.7 billion unbanked people in the world who need lending services — to be able to access modern financial services, seize opportunities and prosper. TWINO’s ultimate goal is to cater to these needs by offering flexible, user-friendly, and transparent lending options that actually benefit the users.

In short, we have a fun and meaningful journey ahead and I sincerely hope you are coming along!

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Armands Broks

TWINO Group founder and owner

As company owner and founder Armands drives Group long-term strategy as well as works on new business direction development. Armands gains new entrepreneurship expertise every time TWINO enters a new market or launches a new product or business direction, and that gives him the understanding of the global business thinking, values and opportunities.

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