I hope that the first month of autumn has started well for you. We continue to put our largest effort into receiving the Investment Brokerage License by adjusting the product and polishing all the necessary documentation (i.e. procedures and policies). Other than that, a couple of new TWINO Venture projects are just around the corner which may see their daylight already in the next couple of weeks.

TWINO Group’s activities
  • TWINO Ventures next round of Hoffmann Rezidence is launching on Monday and will be available for investments. Construction works have been started with the preparation of the site and scaffolding assembling. More detailed overview of what has been done and what are the next things to be done will be available at the Venture’s description.
  • During the last three months, more than 1,500 new investors have been onboarded on TWINO investment platform. This marks one of the best performances ever since the inception of our platform and gives us the confidence that investors continue to put their foremost trust in our platform.
  • With the flow of new investors, TWINO investor portfolio has nearly returned to the pre-Covid-19 levels. Currently, we are just 5% away from the level back in February and there is still room for growth with multiple thousands of loans available at our primary market.

In case of any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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Roberts Lasovskis

Chairman of the Management Board of AS TWINO Investments

Roberts is leading the growth, strategic development, and innovation of the company. He has been leading the TWINO investment platform for 4 years and under his leadership, it has become a leading industry player in continental Europe and a licensed investment brokerage company.

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