During the last couple of weeks, we have been busy with taking part in TechChill as well as hosting our own side events which by the way you can still check out, and now with the COVID-19 vaccination speed picking up and the number of infection cases going down we are looking forward to going back to partial office life and seeing our colleagues, most of which we have not been able to meet for over a year.

TWINO Group’s activities

  • Loans issued by our loan originator in Vietnam will be available on the TWINO platform in a couple of weeks. These short-term loans have a duration of up to 1 month, BuyBack Guarantee and they will be listed with an interest rate of 10% per annum. Please check your Auto-Invest portfolios to make sure Vietnam is selected in the country filter.
  • The Suitability & Appropriateness assessment is about to go live. This means that we will gradually be requesting investors to fill the questionnaire on the Dashboard page of the TWINO website. Currently, we are in the phase of collecting data on your experience, financial situation, investment strategy, and risk appetite, and nearing the final stages of adapting our products to the requirements of the Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia, we will share more information on which investment opportunities suit your financial situation and investment goals based on the results of the assessment.
  • We’ve received a lot of positive feedback after FinTech Talks by TWINO: A new era of investing that we hosted last week, some of you even saying that this has been our best panel yet! In case you missed it – nothing’s lost – you can read the key takeaways of the discussions or even watch the recording of the whole event for yourself on the TWINO Blog.
  • The same goes for TWINO’s Masterclass: How to become an investing genius? – it is available for everyone on the event’s page here, especially recommended for those of you who are just dipping your toes into the world of investing.
  • A while ago I mentioned that TWINO is going through a reorganization process as one of the steps we are taking to secure an investment brokerage license. During the said process, we have now spun off part of the property of the parent company AS TWINO to the acquiring company – AS TWINO Investments, which will be receiving the investment brokerage license and taking over operation of the TWINO investment platform. These changes do not affect your investing experience on the platform in any way until we start operating under the investment brokerage license.
  • For those of you interested in investing with the Currency Exposure functionality – €150 000 worth of loans are currently available on the TWINO platform! Don’t miss out on a chance to increase your return by investing with 14% interest income p.a., but please remember that the loans are pegged to the Russian Ruble and your investments will be exposed to the currency fluctuations.

In case of any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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Roberts Lasovskis

Chairman of the Management Board of AS TWINO Investments

Roberts is leading the growth, strategic development, and innovation of the company. He has been leading the TWINO investment platform for 4 years and under his leadership, it has become a leading industry player in continental Europe and a licensed investment brokerage company.

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