We are working in full force to conclude multiple major projects that include TWINO platform’s licensing process, completion of our audited financials of year 2019 and reorganization to separate platform’s operations from TWINO parent company. We will go in more details regarding the reorganization process in the next newsletter, however, to put it briefly – it is necessary for platform’s licensing process and it will not affect your investing experience in any way.

TWINO Group’s activities

  • TWINO’s referral program is running well and we are more than happy of your activity, as already nearly 700 new investors have registered on the platform with a referral link.
  • During the recent months, we kept our interest rates as high as ever with the average rate for loans listed in June was higher than 12% p.a. Currently, we see our lending markets normalizing and with that in mind it is important to adjust the cost of capital for them, while keeping them attractive for investors. Taking that into account, the interest rates for Polish loans will be returned to the usual 10% p.a. starting from 18.07.2020.
  • The second phase loan of our Hoffman Rezidence TWINO Venture has been fully funded. No worries, if you missed the opportunity, as the next phase might be there already in less than a month.
  • We are in the final steps to change our currency rate provider and thus adjusting our investor agreements. The changes will be communicated in a separate email.

In case of any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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Roberts Lasovskis

Investment Platform Lead

Roberts is responsible for leading the growth, strategic development and innovation pipeline of TWINO P2P investment platform. Prior becoming the platform lead, Roberts worked in TWINO as Investor Adviser, closely communicating with our investors and working on strategic development.

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