TWINO team wishes you all the success in the year 2020 and we hope that you have had a great start of it!

I personally and the whole TWINO management team express our deepest appreciation to all of you, our investors, for putting your trust in TWINO. With this in mind, I am pleased to tell you that the last year was a success for the whole TWINO Group.

We continued to strengthen our position as one of the peer-to-peer (P2P) heavyweights in Continental Europe by becoming one of only 4 platforms to reach a milestone of financing more than €500 million worth of loans. We could have stopped at this, but that just would not be us, thus we kept on pushing and already a few months later TWINO Group celebrated an even larger milestone of €1 billion in loans issued since our Group’s inception back in 2009.

With the goal to deliver long-term success of the company, the corporate governance was strengthened with the establishment of a Council and expansion of our Board to have all the functions covered. The Council is the highest decision-making body in TWINO Group and has the ultimate responsibility for setting the company’s strategy, business objectives, and risk management framework. Most importantly – we have a new CEO, Anastasija Oleinika, already for a few months and you can read more about this here.

We published TWINO Group’s Consolidated Financial Statement for the year 2018 – you can find it on our webpage. The audited financial results for 2018 show Group’s consolidated net profit reaching €9 million, this marks 2018 financial results as best in TWINO Group’s history since its inception. Most certainly, it is too early to estimate exact financial results for the year 2019, yet we feel very comfortable saying that it was a profitable year.

Furthermore, our platform’s success would not be possible without the robust performance of our loan originators that remain among the largest both in Russia and Poland. Our Latvian loan originator not only managed to grow its consumer loan portfolio by more than 30% but also successfully entered the Small-to-Medium Enterprise financing market with two products – business loan and invoice financing.

Big goals for 2020

This year started off on the right foot – we have already managed to launch lending operations in Vietnam, which is our first market in Asia-Pacific (APAC). It was launched in partnership to give the potential for an even faster expansion. Additionally, we are doing research on a couple of other markets in the region and when we find a strong potential business case and decide to launch, then you will be among the first ones to hear more about it. We hope that you are as excited as we are about the new and coming investment opportunities.

Another project that will see its debut in the near future is TWINO Ventures – a wide range of opportunities in real-estate and other project financing with a collateral. You will have the chance to invest in secured and pre-selected loans by our industry experts. More information will follow, but I can already give away a little something to you by saying that there will be great limited time offers at the launch!

Most of you have probably already heard about P2P platform licensing process and that is one of the top priorities for the whole TWINO Group. Year 2020 will be a landmark year to bring our platform to the next level by working together with regulators on the investment brokerage license, which can open tons of new opportunities for all of you!

As always please do not hesitate to reach out to us to share your feedback as that is the best way to help us deliver the best service possible to all of you!

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Roberts Lasovskis

Chairman of the Management Board of AS TWINO Investments

Roberts is leading the growth, strategic development, and innovation of the company. He has been leading the TWINO investment platform for 4 years and under his leadership, it has become a leading industry player in continental Europe and a licensed investment brokerage company.

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