We are pleased to share the latest performance statistics for the TWINO platform. Over the last month, we’ve observed areas of progress as well as areas requiring adaptation, reflecting the dynamics of the investment world. Below is the summary of key metrics for March 2024:

Other updates

Financial statement of 2023. TWINO’s audited annual report for the financial year 2023 has been published on our website, indicating the growth of the company in the past year: 

  • Our revenue has increased by 47%.
  • The portfolio of financial instruments has increased by 75% reaching EUR 24.8 million. 
  • The portfolio of claim rights (assignment) has decreased by 39% reaching EUR 10.9 million. 
  • The total portfolio grew by 11% reaching EUR 35.7 million.

Despite the increase in operational costs corresponding to revenue growth, we still managed to sustain a positive EBT (Earnings Before Tax) figure of EUR 13.8 thousand, a testament to our team’s hard work. Looking ahead, we aim to maintain the growth and achieve a positive net profit figure in the upcoming year.

Update on Russian loans. Below is the summary of war-affected loans:

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