As the influence of technology and digital transformation is growing rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic, TWINO is introducing a new social investment instrument – fundraising to encourage further adoption of digital initiatives and tools for improving the quality of life.

The first social project will be in collaboration with Latvia’s Children’s Clinical University Hospital (CCUH), to facilitate convenient and safe remote consultations for the patients at the Children’s Hospital.

“Remote consultations have received a great response from both parents and doctors during this crisis. We will be assisting and providing medical help to children where possible. Currently, we have been using various temporary solutions in the framework of the crisis for patients’ remote consultations, but we are already aware that they will not be sustainable due to the specific needs of the hospital and data security. Our experience up till now allowed us to define the preferable digital solution. This permits integrated customer service and patient medical history, providing a connection with laboratories which is also a convenient and simple solution for both medical personnel and hospital patients!” explained CCUH board member Iluta Riekstiņa.

Participation in the social project is possible through the use of the TWINO Ventures platform. At least 10,000 euro is required for the introduction of the digital solution for the remote consultations at the Children’s Hospital.

“TWINO has been one of the pioneers of the financial technology field, and one of our key goals remain to provide the community with digital and safe financial services. The Covid-19 crisis encouraged us to take the next step by creating a social investment tool with the goal of raising donations to create a digital solution in the interests of society. I am very satisfied that we are beginning the new TWINO initiative together with the Children’s Hospital in Latvia”, indicated the initiator of the idea, TWINO founder Armands Broks.

“Covid-19 has changed the world, among other things, opening the door to innumerable digital initiatives, which have not, for various reasons, seen the light of day up till now. We are conscious of how important it is for any digital solution to be introduced as quickly as possible, which is why TWINO has undertaken to double the donated sum so that the Children’s Hospital’s digitalization project can be implemented as quickly as possible”, pointed out A. Broks.

TWINO Ventures was created not long after the general flare-up of Covid-19 in Europe when TWINO began to offer a new investment vehicle that allows investors to invest funds in loans secured by real estate. Up till then, TWINO investors were funding consumer and small to medium-sized business loans. In addition to that, the platform’s offering has now been supplemented with the new social fundraising initiative to encourage digital transformation.

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