Former TWINO Group CFO Anastasija Oleinika has been appointed as the new TWINO Group CEO, replacing the long-term CEO and founder of TWINO Group Armands Broks.

The change in management is made to strengthen company’s financial, operational and risk management, while TWINO Group founder Armands Broks will continue working on creation and development of new businesses, as well as on attracting new talent and supporting the local ecosystem.

Anastasija Oleinika has extensive experience in industry and financial management, including work on several M&A deals at SEB Enskilda and later Superia Curporate Finance, including the sale of LETA to UP Invest, Baltikums AAS sale to Vienna Insurance Group, Latgram sale to Graanul Invest.

Anastasija Oleinika works at TWINO Group for almost three years managing Group’s finance as well as Group’s business operations during the past year. She has also temporarily managed TWINO Groups operations in Russia, one of the largest TWINO lending markets.

Armands Broks has managed TWINO Group since its inception in 2009. In his lead TWINO became an international financial technology company with offices in several countries including Russia, Poland, Latvia, Kazakhstan and elsewhere. Under the leadership of Armands Broks TWINO Investment Platform was launched in 2015, since then it has become one of the largest industry players in Continental Europe.

“We plan to invest in TWINO Group’s future in the upcoming years, including new product and services development, IT system modernization, portfolio and process efficiency, as well as strengthening our competencies center with a goal to create the strongest team of financial technology experts in the region,” shares the new CEO of TWINO Group Anastasija Oleinika. TWINO Group management under the guidance of its founder Armands Broks is working on several new strategic business development directions. “We are currently working on various new business development possibilities, including evaluation of opportunities in new markets and new financial technology service introduction,” reveals Group founder Armands Broks.

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