As TWINO now heads into the next growth phase, and this is happening at a time when the world as we know is changing, it has become more important than ever for us to have a clear and common understanding of our culture, values and what it means to be part of TWINO team. So recently, we launched our revised company values that are the core of our culture and would further accompany us on our journey.

ASK, ACT, WIN were the values that brought us this far, and we still stand by this philosophy – we’re still proactive, results-oriented, and eager to explore, but we felt that this is the right time to review and redefine our core values, embracing the new normal and involving people from the entire TWINO group.

Our value revision process was designed to be inclusive and transparent with the aim to define values that are relevant to the people that make up TWINO around the globe. This has been a joint effort and a true reflection of the values of collaboration and teamwork that we hold dear.

After more than 6 months of work, engagement of 276 TWINO team members, 6 workshops across all TWINO Group countries, many conversations, and discussions held among TWINO employees, management teams, and company founder, here’s to new company values!

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