Great news for our investors – a new lending product has been launched in Poland! It is a consumer credit line under the brand name NetCredit, and clients can receive and use virtual credit cards within the Mastercard payment system. We see this as the next logical step to reach out to new client segments who usually are of even higher-quality borrowers, used to manage their spending and repayments in a flexible way.

Make sure your Auto-Invest portfolios match the criteria of this new product!

Product details
  • Interest rate: 12% p.a.
  • Term: 12 months, even though it is expected to be even shorter as shown by the repayment trends of the existing client base
  • Type: Consumer loan
  • Rating: BuyBack Guarantee
Overview of our lending partner in Poland

The Polish entity has been successfully operating in the Polish market since 2011. NetCredit is a member of the Polish Association of Lending Institutions and regularly ranks high in the rankings of loan intermediaries. The new product will be offered through the new entity Twincard Sp. z.o.o., while NetCredit as a well-known brand owner will support the new originator in reaching ambitious acquisition goals.

  • More than €500 million worth of loans have been financed on the TWINO investment platform since 2015.
  • Portfolio of €10 million on our platform.

The new product offers Polish customers a completely new dimension of flexible and transparent financing in the form of a virtual card with an individual credit limit available. It will allow NetCredit to better address the needs of current customers and will also allow to meet the expectations of new users. The company will be able to gain some resistance to regulatory changes, as well as achieve even better business results, thanks to the possibility of fitting into strong trends in the Polish market like a growing e-commerce market.

In case of any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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