Launch news is our favorite kind of news – and today, TWINO’s happily launching a redesigned investor profile on our investment platform! If you’re an investor at TWINO, you can now enjoy a brand-new interface, upgraded for your convenience. Nonetheless, if you want to stick with the existing interface, then rest assured as it still is available for the foreseeable future. You will be able to choose the interface at the time of logging in to your investor profile.

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve readjusted and simplified your investor dashboard. It’s now even more convenient to follow your monthly portfolio income, view your account status, and generally find all the information you need.
  • You can still access detailed information on your loan portfolio via the dashboard by clicking on My Investments just under the Investments section.
  • Moreover, we’ve added an “Account status” section on the platform’s “My Profile” page. The new section gives an overview of your status as an investor, allows you to resubmit the investor’s suitability and appropriateness tests, and displays your investment limit.
  • We know that changes can be tricky. That’s why you can choose to use the new investor’s profile interface or continue using the non-updated version – you can opt-in for the new interface at login.
  • If you choose to use the new interface, please don’t hesitate to provide your feedback and comments about the redesign. Send us your thoughts and suggestions on the new look of the investor profile via TWINO’s on-page feedback form.

Important to know: As TWINO is preparing to launch investing in securities, we’ve already added a few related sections to your TWINO investor profile, so you’ll be able to start investing right away. You can explore the new investor profile’s content also dedicated to the upcoming investment additions while we work towards listing the first securities for you on the TWINO Investment platform.

On our way to delivering a whole new investment experience

The investor profile redesign marks the beginning of a more comprehensive transformation for the TWINO Investment platform. We’ll be gradually updating its user interface (UI) so our investment platform is the most easy-to-use yet comprehensive solution for your investments.

Additionally, upgrading our platform’s UI brings us closer to our ultimate goal – enabling a wider variety of financial instruments for investors on TWINO. Securing the FCMC license in 2021 opened doors to transforming investments in loans to financial instruments and on top of that also many other new products and services. TWINO is looking forward to creating an entirely new type of asset class for European retail investors by adopting this new operational model of offering financial instruments.

Enjoy the new investor profile interface on TWINO Investment platform, and stay tuned for more announcements from our growth journey!

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