TWINO, leading FinTech company in Europe, and Expansion Capital, risk capital fund, is launching the Global Idea Pitch competition for start-up and growth business ideas from 7th to 15th May.

The goal of the Global Idea Pitch is to encourage the creation of new and sustainable business ideas, which needs external funding and mentoring to spur the growth and transformation of existing businesses in the digital environment.

In submitting a business idea, participants will be able to receive external co-financing to develop an idea or to strengthen an existing business.

The financing, within the framework of the Global Idea Pitch, ranges from a few thousand euro to €2 million provided by risk capital fund Expansion Capital. The receipt of external capital will be in a form of equity financing from 10% to 49%, meaning that the fund would become a minority shareholder in the company.

Coaches, tech resources and mentoring in the fields of IT development, financial analysis and modelling, digital marketing, HR and communication will be available for the most promising ideas from TWINO and its founder itself – Armands Broks.

There are no limits, as everyone can submit their new business initiatives, as well as currently working prototypes and functioning company’s business plans and projects. However, ideas that take business from being offline to online and have strong growth potential are preferred. Both start-up and seed companies are welcome!

Armands Broks, TWINO founder and co-author of Global Idea Pitch: “I believe that the global Covid-19 crisis is opening up many business opportunities, particularly in the technology and digitalization fields. Businesses or projects, which had not valued or did not fully utilize the potential of technology up till now, must change. The winner will be the one that can introduce changes as quickly as possible”.

Jānis Bankovs, Expansion Capital partner and co-author of Global Idea Pitch: “The Expansion Capital team has broad experience in determining the viability of business ideas. Up till now, we have already invested more than 14 million euro in 35 companies through the fund. The approach in evaluating each Global Idea Pitch business idea will be flexible, with each specific project being evaluated individually. In this way, the opportunity of identifying new and truly unique business ideas or in spotting the future potential of a functioning company is significantly increased”.

The submitted business ideas will be evaluated by TWINO and Expansion Capital experts. If the idea submitted by you passes initial evaluation and access to financing is considered, the organizers of the Global Idea Pitch will contact you to communicate the next steps, including the legal part with the conclusion of all the necessary agreements between the involved parties.

Business ideas can be submitted quickly and conveniently in the initial stage, taking not more than an hour for their submission.

Do you want to become a startup founder or grow your business? Submit your idea to Global Idea Pitch from May 7-15.

The business idea can be submitted here. The rules for Global Idea Pitch are available here.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

If you have any questions, write to: [email protected]

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