We are launching TWINO’s second Cashback campaign already in a week! You will be able to earn a 1% cashback bonus for every investment with your Auto-invest tool during the Cashback period. To enroll in this campaign just log in into your investor profile, where more information will be provided already on your Dashboard. The campaign takes place from 15th of April to 21st of April (included).

Which loans qualify for the Cashback?

  • Country: All
  • Term: All
  • Loans from the Primary market
  • Invested with the Auto-Invest tool
  • Investment period is from 15.04.2020 to 21.04.2020 (included)


The cashback will be paid out 1 month after the launch of the campaign, namely on 13.05.2020. Please note that it is mandatory that you still have an active Auto invest portfolio at the time, when the Cashback transaction is being calculated to qualify for it.

Loans that qualify for the Cashback campaign will be marked with a following icon on the Individual investments section:

You will be able to find this transaction in your Account Statement and it will also show up on your Dashboard under the section Income -> Campaigns.

In case there are any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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