Another eventful week is coming to its end during the global Covid-19 outbreak, thus I am writing to give you a short summary of TWINO’s operations. There is, of course, increased activity in all of the countries where we operate in and I will try to sum up the most important information to you as well.

TWINO Group’s activities:
  • We held our 1st webinar with the key topic being our new TWINO Ventures – investments in secured loans. Furthermore, I am pleased to say that our investors have invested already more than €100k since the launch. You can see the full webinar here, your feedback would be much appreciated;
  • As you probably have already noticed, we are extending our offer to loans from Russia, as you will be able to earn an interest of 14% p.a. for an additional month, namely until the end of April;
  • Poland oversaw regulatory changes that were introduced to protect borrowers during the current market turbulence. This will affect the interest rate charged to borrowers; however, TWINO’s loan originators have already successfully adapted their products. Their client economics as well as operations as a whole remain profitable also after the changes;
  • In Russia, the government has given paid public holidays to its citizens to encourage them to stay at home. We have already ensured that all our employees can work from their home, which is possible due to the fact that our loan originators’ operations are fully online, and we continue to serve our customers during these times;
  • Kazakhstan’s government has introduced credit holidays for the next 3 months. This means that the borrowers are entitled to an extension for their liabilities for this period. We have limited our costs and issuance in the market to an absolute minimum to decrease the potential short-term losses. The market contributes only 2% of our total loan portfolio on the platform, thus the effect on our Group and our investors will be marginal.

Anastasija Oleinika, TWINO Group’s CEO“The time of crisis is also the time of opportunities for those that are ready to take the leap. I expect P2P industry to become only stronger, as the players with strong underlying fundamentals and processes will only strengthen their positions. Furthermore, as the borrowers will continue to look for capital, it will give great opportunities for investors that has already materialized in higher returns for our investors.”

In case of any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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Roberts Lasovskis

Chairman of the Management Board of AS TWINO Investments

Roberts is leading the growth, strategic development, and innovation of the company. He has been leading the TWINO investment platform for 4 years and under his leadership, it has become a leading industry player in continental Europe and a licensed investment brokerage company.

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