One thing I’ve noticed leading TWINO and welcoming fresh graduates who join us as to their first work place – both TWINO and the ambitious young professional in today’s workforce match when it comes to culture and way of work. Both students and our employees are not afraid of a challenge (quite the opposite actually), they have an entrepreneurial mindset and have the right ambition, meaning hard work comes hand in hand with the aspirations.

Based on my observations and experience over the years watching young professionals striving in TWINO, I have listed couple of things young professionals should keep in their minds when starting their career path.


Find the right cultural fit for you. Do you prefer very structured and controlled way of work or you seek more freedom? Is 9 to 5 you ideal working hours or flexible working would suite you better? Dynamic or predictable pace? You will excel where you feel comfortable, hence culture is very important. Companies usually have this information up on their webpages or social media, take it into account when searching for your future employer in addition to industry, size, geographical presence etc.


Your manager and team can be a determining factor when it comes to your development and growth, especially in the first years after university. You will learn a lot from your work and company, however, from your manager and team you can learn the most. Working with top industry experts will give you an opportunity to become one, therefore, make sure to find such team.


You can learn most on the job, remember to show initiative and the ability to handle responsibility. Right attitude and people skills are what is hard to find in employees, it’s not their degree or excel skills.

If TWINO sounds like a place you see yourself, make sure to check out, we are also currently looking for several additions to our team! 

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Armands Broks

TWINO Group founder and owner

As company owner and founder Armands drives Group long-term strategy as well as works on new business direction development. Armands gains new entrepreneurship expertise every time TWINO enters a new market or launches a new product or business direction, and that gives him the understanding of the global business thinking, values and opportunities.

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