With ambitious European expansion plans and further development of the product portfolio including investment solutions that offer to produce a social and environmental impact, alongside financial return, there’s never been a more exciting time to own part of TWINO!

In the upcoming fundraising round, we’re allocating part of our target amount for crowdfunding. For the first time ever, you’ll have the opportunity to buy the company’s shares and become a shareholder of TWINO.

“Our investors have been at the heart of every decision we make. We wouldn’t be here without your continued support, therefore we’re offering this limited opportunity to own part of TWINO so, at our intended growth, you’re rewarded too,” shares Anastasija Oleinika, CEO of TWINO Investments.

The campaign is set to go live later this month and by signing up, pre-registered investors will get the opportunity to invest before anyone else. The funding raised will be used to grow the business and develop new products. A limited amount of shares will be available, so don’t miss the opportunity!

“We’re building a platform that meets the growing needs, personal values and investment strategies of our investors. Our expansion includes an upgrade into a digital app for Europe retail investors that will combine all types of assets in one place, and they will all come with an impact score offering a personalized approach”, explains Anastasija.

Since TWINO was founded in 2015, we have grown into a thriving community of 58’000 users from more than 30 countries and today are known as one of the leading peer-to-peer investment platforms in Continental Europe with over €1 billion worth of loans funded.

“While the number of retail investors has doubled since 2020, retail investor participation still makes up only 5-7% of total trading volume in Europe, compared to more than 25% in the U.S.1, so there’s a huge market opportunity”, shares Armands Broks, founder of TWINO investment platform. 

The main target audience of the upcoming trading app are younger generations.  As millennials start to inherit baby boomer wealth, investment companies need to keep up with their demands. They are looking for the latest technology, convenience, and diversification. That’s why millennials, more than others, choose neobrokers over traditional commercial enterprises.

“Younger generations are seeking to align their choices with their values, including financial and investment decisions. It’s one of the reasons for the growing interest in impact investing. While there are already some startups that offer passive fund management based on impact scores, we are planning to be among the first to offer active investing with this feature”, Armands adds.

Next week we’re having a live Ask Me Anything session with Anastasija Oleinika, CEO of TWINO Investments, and Armands Broks, founder of TWINO Investments. Stay tuned for details and submit your questions here.

Investments of this nature put your capital at risk. Please invest responsibly.

1 Euronext / Reuters

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